Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a Gas boiler service cost

We charge 79 Euro for a full boiler service. Which includes safelty and efficenty checks.

Why get a gas boiler serviced every year?

Gas boiler Manufacturers recommend boilers are serviced every year to ensure they are working properly. A boiler might appear to be working properly but not be operating efficiently wasting enegry and your money. Gas boilers can also develop leaks or start leaking poisonous carbon monoxide gas which is colourless and scentless. So it is important to get gas boiler serviced regularly by a RGI registered and approved engineer.

What will a Gas Boiler Service include?

  • We will check your boiler for corrosion and leaks.
  • We will remove the gas boiler casing and inspect the main components.Our RGI Approved engineer will check the gas presure.
  • We will check the flue and analyse the emmisions.
  • Any parts our test find in need of cleaning we will clean.
  • With boiler casing reinstalled we will check the unit seals.
  • We will issue a certificate showing the tests completed.

What happens if you find a fault while servicing?

If we find a faulty component we will document it and advice you on the necessary steps to resolve the problem and the cost of repair.

Gas Boiler Service